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Sanity is a Symphonic Metal Band from Berlin, Germany. Their latest EP Revelation is a concept album of the book of Revelation from the bible, a prophetic, dystopian book that vividly and explicitly describes the apocalypse. With their majestic compositions Sanity are able to unleash the might of the apocalypse on their listeners. The compositions have their roots in black and death metal, but are enriched with massive arrangements ofchoirs and symphonic instruments. There is an abundance of lead guitars and melodic riffing, the songs feature low growling vocals, intense shouting and screaming but also beautiful clean vocals, from heroic viking chants to high-pitched power metal voices. The drumming ranges from fast-paced blasts with double bass drumming to intense progressive metal rhythms.

Sanity was formed in 1994 in Berlin, Germany, by Philipp and Florian Weishaupt and released three full-length albums and an EP between 1998 and 2023.

Videos to Get to Know Us

Videos to get to know us