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Review and Expression of Thanks! Sanity Concert at the Zwölf-Apostel-Church

ULTRA HEAVY (!!!) symphonic metal band plays a concert in a church during the Kirchentag – is there even an AUDIENCE for that?

Evidently! The church was full up to the last seat and people were even standing behind the rearmost pews. Just the sound check alone had been unfathomably (!) loud, so that even die-hard metal heads would use ear plugs which we had bought in a 200 pairs bulk pack beforehand and distributed precautionary. A solid wall of drum inferno, guitar massacre and primal scream-like shouting hit the audience and created an atmosphere of total apocalypse. But no one fled from the hall :).

And then the show began. 🙂

The whole event had been a true blessing, more than 200 people had come! We thank each one of you friends and guests for coming and joining us on our journey through (the Book of) Revelation. Together we endured most horrifying catastrophes with constant threats of terrifying annihilation by seals, trumpets and bowls filled with the wrath of God. We faced angels of death and survived one terrible natural disaster after another. And at the end we beheld Jesus himself, the Faithful and True (song: Faithful), coming down from heaven on a white horse to lead the final attack on mankind. Suddenly, everything happened very quickly: the Last Judgment – people who during their lifetime had repented of their evil deeds and had started to ask for God’s will in their lives, had found their names written in the book of life and were admitted to spend eternity with God. All the other people were cast into the lake of fire (!). Our journey ended on the New Earth where God would wipe every tear away, there will be no more suffering and no more death – a ray of hope at the end of our journey?

We, Sanity, would like to thank you wholeheartedly for your visit, it had been so much fun – because of YOU! Please come back and visit our website or Facebook page; with God’s help we would like to release the album “Revelation” next year in 2018. So, please, don’t be a stranger!

Best wishes from all of us, Sanity

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