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Review EP Revelation / Metalized, Denmark

Danish original see below

Sanity Revelation (Independent) 10/10

Straight out of Berlin, we have a huge sound universe that mixes a lot of good things from both black and death metal with symphonic metal's very best tricks! There are bells, violins, synthesizers and chanting choirs all in the right places and it's actually really well done! On top of this, the production is crisp and you don't feel like there is anything missing. In fact, you can hear all the nuances and little quirks to perfection, which makes it the ultimate experience. I've listened to Revelation on my living room stereo with 45-year-old speakers and also on a walk with my headphones on and Sanity sounds damn good everywhere! The five songs on this EP form a concept album about revelations from the Bible - you know, that story with the end of the world and all that stuff, which only makes the songs even cooler! I don't usually give perfect ratings, but in this case it's justified! Go listen to it!

Sonni Sørensen

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