Sanity – Concert at the Slaughterhouse, Berlin – Throne (Live)

We discovered some intense live footage from our concert at the the Slaughterhouse in Berlin, Germany on 15-April-2017 (!) and would love to share it with you. It contains some great drum cam views. Here is the first song performed that evening: “Throne”. Enjoy it. It’s raw, it’s heavy, it’s something else ;-).


Trumpets – Official Live Video

“Trumpets” is the fifth song of our upcoming album “Revelation”. In John’s vision of the future as written in the Book of Revelation chapter 8 to 10 the following is layed out: The four angels that are bound at the river Euphrates killed a third of mankind by fire, smoke and sulphur. But the rest of mankind did not stop to worship demons and idols, nor did they repent of their murders and magic.

What if these visions of God’s judgment would become reality in the next couple of years – would you turn to God for help? Or would you simply continue with your life?


Silence – Live Video

Song #4 of the upcoming album is called “Silence”. The video is from our 27-May-2017 show at the Zwölf-Apostel-Church in Berlin, Germany. The song was played from a recording as an interlude. It connects the songs “Seals” and “Trumpets” with their mutual description of catastrophes and disasters. At the same time it presents a cesura both in it’s lyrics (“silence in heaven”) and musical style – almost as if to allow the inclined listener to catch his breath.


Sanity – Vlog#4, Lyrics Throne, Bible Revelation Chapter 1:1-3, Chapter 4:1-11

Sanity – Vlog #4. “Throne” is the opening song of our album “Revelation”. This video explains what the song is about. The song’s lyrics are based on the biblical Book of Revelation, chapter 1, verses 1-3, and chapter 4, verses 1-11.


Seals – Official Live Video

“Seals”, the third song of our upcoming album and the third song performed live at the Zwölf-Apostel-Kirche in Berlin … “They called to the mountains, ‘Fall on us and hide us from the face on the throne and from the wrath of the Lamb! For their wrath has come and who can stand?’“ Enjoy the sweet music, behold the bitter lyrics.


Sanity – Vlog#3, Soundforge Studio, Recording Revelation

Sanity – Vlog#3, Soundforge Studio, Recording Revelation. We continue to work on recording our upcoming album “Revelation”. Accompany us into the recording studio with this compilation of great moments in 2017!


Sanity – Live Video of the Concert at the Club A18, Berlin

The concert at the Club A18 in Berlin on 9-December-2017 had been really great. Thank you to all who supported us and especially to all of you who showed up at the concert. We have put together this video for you with a couple of impressions of the show.


Sanity – Vlog#2, 200 Facebook “Likes”, Thank You!

Sanity – Vlog #2. We have received 200 “Likes” on our facebook site and would like to give a big THANK YOU to all of you for your continued support. You guys rule!


Sanity – Scroll (Live) / Subtitles English

Sanity – “Scroll” from the upcoming album “Revelation”, performed on 27-May-2017 at the Zwölf-Apostel-Church in Berlin, Germany.


Sanity Vlog#1, Revelation, Introduction

Vlog #1. Introduction to our Vlog about the upcoming album „Revelation“. Today we are starting our official Sanity Vlog. Check it out!


Sanity – Throne (Live) / Subtitles English

Sanity – “Throne” from the upcoming album “Revelation”, performed on 27-May-2017 at the Zwölf-Apostel-Church in Berlin, Germany.


Sanity – Interview on Heavy Metal and the Church / Subtitles English

Interview with Philipp from Sanity by HeavenraDIO after the concert at the Zwölf-Apostel-Church on 27-May-2017 in Berlin, Germany.


Sanity – Address at the Protestant Church Day Berlin 2017 / Subtitles English

Philipp from Sanity addressing the visitors of the Protestant Church Day 2017 in Berlin. Similarities to the words of Paul to the people in Athens (Bible, Acts 17:22ff) are very much intended.