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Rezension EP The Beast / Metal Digest, USA

17. März 2024 Craig Obert

Symphonic metal can take one of many directions. Blackened, orchestral, operatic, sinister, and even prophetic. On ‘The Beast,’ these German lads pursue all the above and do so quite amicably. This has long been their calling card, with each release outperforming the last. Within sheets of night, screeching Black vocals and furious tremolo guitars permeate ‘The Beast.’ It’s all on the highest level, yet it doesn’t rise above its contemporaries. What does stand out, however, are the sweeping choral arrangements and flourishes of Opera. This is where Sanity shines. Florian Weishaupt’s vocals are second to none and deserve to be showcased even more. Overall, the varied elements in play achieve a delicate synergy, and fans of multiple genres will find plenty to enjoy.


"the varied elements in play achieve a delicate synergy"

Craig Obert

Wry-witted lifelong music enthusiast. Aficionado of beer, hot sauce, and Heavy Metal, not necessarily in that order. Content contributor for Metal Digest.

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