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Review EP Revelation / Rock Hard, Italy

Updated: Feb 24

Italian original see below

January 2024 Michele Martini

The band Sanity has been active for exactly 30 years: founded in Berlin in the now distant 1994, they have produced four albums, the most recent of which is Revelation. This work was inspired by the Book of Revelation of the Bible, which has always fascinated bands belonging to the heavy metal genre due to it's visionary scope.

In this case, the contents of the book became the ideal backdrop for the band to unleash their zealous dedication towards symphonic metal in its most rough and yet simultaneously passionate form. The quintet’s compositions take place on two different levels, which are perfectly integrated and depict extremely evocative scenarios. One level is characterized by the instrumental component, lofty and elegant; the other presents furious shouting alternated by verses sung with dramatic pathos. This combination is harmonic and well-balanced: the theatrical impact of the work is evocative and fascinating, capable of captivating the listeners on an emotional level as well as awing them with grand and symphonic arrangements.

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