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We are a symphonic metal band from Berlin, Germany. Two singers, two guitar players, a bass player and a drummer complemented by orchestra and choirs from a laptop computer. We have been active in the music scene since 1994, have released three albums and pursue our music with a lot of excitement and experience. We love Jesus and are active members of the churches EFG Oberkrämer ( and LKG Fredersdorf (

We would love to perform our show "Revelation" at your venue. It is a musical journey through the Book of Revelation of the bible. We will take the audience on a journey that commences in God's throne room, leads through the living apocalypse with intense music and strongs lyrics and finds a peaceful ending on the new earth. Our shows can be between 5 and 14 songs long. We are able to provide a great looking presentation to project the English lyrics of our songs onto a screen. 

Videos to Get to Know Us