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Sanity - Concert at the Slaughterhouse, Berlin, Germany, 2017

An emotional throwback to the year 2017: Our show at the Slaughterhouse in Berlin, Germany, from 15-April-2017. It was a special occasion since it was our first concert after 16 years!

For many years we had disappeared from the public and had composed songs for our new album. Then, in 2015, we had called the band together, again, and started rehearsing the new material. Additional songs were written and 2017 we were given the chance to present the new songs to the public, for the first time. The sound was not perfect, but it is noticible how excited the audience was. What a great night!

Line up:

Florian – Vocals

Philipp – Keyboard

Schweda – Guitar

Ludwig – Bass Guitar

Rüdiger - Drums

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