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19. Dezember 2023 Adam McCann· EPs Reviews

Sanity – ‘Revelation’ EP

Straight off the bat, Sanity’s latest EP is of apocalyptic proportions, it lays the fields of Armageddon out for forces of good and evil to do battle. This is presented in a black metal format which leans heavily on melody and symphonic elements to really drag it out of the quagmire of generic black metal. In all honesty, where this EP really excels are the choir arrangements which provide an excellent background for the vocals to soar, bark and growl pulling the listener into their ‘Book of Revelations’ world. This short EP shows that Sanity is continuing to push themselves and hopefully, this sound will result in a long-awaited comeback album. It might be the end of the world, but with this on in the background, you’ll feel fine.


"an EP is of apocalyptic proportions"

Adam McCann

A bespectacled mole crawling out of its den who doesn't like sunlight, but who does like heavy metal, classic rock and power metal. Editor at Large and Co-Founder of Metal Digest.

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