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EP Revelation - Behind the Artwork / Breathing the Core

Aktualisiert: 29. Dez. 2023

27. Dezember 2023 Screamer

Behind The Artworks: Sanity - Revelation (2023)

The album is called Revelation, the lyrics are taken from the biblical "Book of Revelation" (last book of the bible, turn all the way to the end of the bible if you want to find it). The Book of Revelation basically lays out the apocalypse. It’s about the end of the world! And not by any random or man-made natural disaster, no, it is about God judging the world. This judgment is carried out by mighty angels and at the end of it a third of mankind is dead. It is a grim business. Based on this narrative we wanted an angel portrayed that is mighty and powerful surrounded by a multitude of people who all look up to him in apprehension of the coming judgment. It believe it turned out pretty good, didn't it? The artwork was skillfully crafted by Jan Yrlund from

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