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Rezension Song Seals / Metal Papy Jeff

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Sanity Unleashes Epicness with "Seals"

Sanity’s "Seals" from the EP "Revelation" is a sonic rollercoaster, an epic journey that encapsulates everything that makes Sanity stand out. Brace yourself, this song's a wild ride.

Picture this: you start off with this tranquil, almost folk-like intro, setting the mood like a master storyteller. But before you can catch your breath, WHAM! Guitars crash in, drums pound relentlessly, and a chilly choir jumps in. It's a neck-snapping, head-banging extravaganza! The verses deliver riffage that’ll make your neck sore, complemented by powerhouse vocals and some "Priest"-like screams from the incredible Florian. Then, boom! The chorus explodes into an epic multilayered choir, blending growls, wistful horns, strings—talk about an emotional tsunami! And just when you think it couldn't get heavier, bam! A lead guitar kicks in, taking it to another level.


The bridge is a heroic a capella passage that segues into a heavy guitar onslaught, showcasing Andreas Hilbert's wizardry at Soundforge Studio. As the song wraps up, it throws everything at you—wailing guitars, comforting strings, longing trumpets, heroic choirs—painting a picture of impending doom, beautifully bleak yet compelling.

Check out "Seals" and get ready for an emotional metal rollercoaster ride:

Florian’s vocals and the band’s meticulous arrangement plunge you into a dark, mesmerizing abyss with "Seals". It’s a beautifully chaotic masterpiece that'll have you headbanging, crying, and air-guitaring all at once. Sanity is serving up metal storytelling at its finest! 🤘

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