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Interview / The Median Man, USA

mit Julius Albe vom 02.02.2024

What inspired the name of the band? What are your influences and are they the same as when you started out?

The Band name originated in Berlin in the nineties, a time in which the insanity of the cold war was just over, but still in everyone’s heads. So it is fitting to have our bands name juxtapose that with a sane, healthy minded sentiment. As for influences, we are all rooted in metal but come from different corners. Florian and Philipp are influenced by black and death metal, while Silas comes from black and symphonic metal. I (Julius) have my roots in progressive and thrash metal. My biggest influences are Dream Theater, Megadeth and Death.

How do you approach songwriting and why?

When writing songs I usually start with the music. Most of the times I’ll have a riff, or an intro that I enjoy and I would write the rest of the song around it. As for lyrics, we usually write them onto the musical piece, after the piece is composed.

Our recent releases deal with the themes of the apocalypse of John. So when writing the songs we take the passages from scripture and turn them into lyrics. Sometimes we can take the literal text but most of the time, we will abridge the passages and write lyrics, that  encompass the theme of a passage in a song. All in all our writing is very close to the literal text of scripture, though.

We want to write great music, that we are happy with and that sounds good. That’s why you’ll find the complex blend of symphonic and metal elements in our music. We want to create beautiful soundscapes while staying true to the aggressive nature of meta, that we all love. At the end of the day it is just that, we write what we love. If you want an example of that, check out our official music videos for “Seals” and “Throne”:


For most of our recent concerts we played the whole revelation cycle, consisting of ‘Revelation’ (2023), ‘The Beast’ (upcoming 2024) and the finisher, set to release in 2025. All those songs are thematically connected and tied to the Book of Revelation, so we played them in order and not much thinking had to go into the setlist. On our upcoming concerts, we’ll incorporate old Sanity material as well as new, unreleased songs, so we spiced up the setlist, took out some songs from the revelation cycle and mixed it up a bit. 

The symphonic nature of the songs forces us to have a backing track with all the choirs and the orchestra (since we cant have that live, yet) to which we’ll play in a live setting, so that’s how we manage to transpose our songs into a live setting.

What plans do you have for the future?

We want to write and release more music. And of course we want to play live to audiences who enjoy our music. We have another album coming in 2025 (after we release ‘The Beast’ on March 2nd this year). 

To stay in touch you can find us online: 

Streaming Site Links:

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